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Nice Moves Minnesota

Nice Moves is an organization that aims to elevate Minnesota to become a vital part of the larger Animation, Design, and Visual Effects Industry. Our work focuses on providing resources and assistance to local artists and studios. Our goals are to retain local talent, attract new talent, and show the world that great creative work grows in the Midwest.

We have 4 main pillars that guide our approach to building up the local creative industries—Connection, Education, Promotion, and Inspiration.


We truly believe in our driving motto “Better Together”—great things happen when we work with each other. Through studio tours  and social hours, we encourage artists to come together and find new friends; possibly even their next creative collaborators!


In an industry as rapidly evolving as ours, it is important for education to become a life long endeavor. Mentorships, workshops, and even PSA’s allow us to provide an ongoing education outlet for artists long after they’ve left school.


The famous Midwestern humility is pervasive even among artists. That’s where we come in. Nice Moves highlights the talented studios and artists that make up our growing community.


This is what it all comes down to for us. Whether we inspire your work or to try something new, what’s most important to us is that the talent and the industry are growing.


Our Board

Alicia Reece
Creative Director, Motion504
Mike Owens
Owner, Director, WOMO Studio
Mike Zugschwert
Freelance VFX Artist
Patrick Schwalbe
Technical Director, Meditech
Danny Robashkin
Board Member
Owner, MAKE
Lindsey Stupica
Board Member
Motion Designer, Target
Kelan McQuinn
Board Member
Lead Creative, EideCom
Ching Thao
Board Member
Senior Artist, Lumo Studios
Emory Allen
Executive Director
Creative Director, Motion504
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