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Nice Moves Spring 2020 AniJam

Corona Quarantine Edition

As you’ve all probably heard, due to COVID-19 we’re not meeting in person this month. This presents an opportunity for us to connect with our community in a new way: let’s make some nice moves alone together!!! Also, this isn’t a requirement to participate in the AniJam, but you should totally sign-up for the Nice Moves Discord. There’s even a channel setup just for this! #anijam

The Idea

Alone together, we will make a series of animated daily diary entries centering around quarantined life. Each animator (or teams of 2 – 400) creates one animated diary entry of quarantine. 

For Example: Animator Bob creates Day 1. VFX artists Julie and Frank create Day 2. And Motion Graphics artist Wanda creates Day 3. Then we edit them all together to make a sort of animated quarantine journal!

The Twist

Each animator/team decides is their entry about:
A day in quarantine.
The day they would’ve had if they weren’t in quarantine?

Delivery Specs

1920 x 1080
24 fps
mp4: h264 (no bitrate limit)
3 sec min – 10 sec max


  • Everyone will receive the same locations and color palette.
    Animations may be created using any style, program or technique; however, all submissions MUST take place in a location that closely resembles the interior or exterior settings provided. While you are free to recreate the scene – it must be undeniable that yours is the same location and locked camera angles. That said, you are highly encouraged to add additional props to the scene (like chairs, a table, couch, bushes, plants, cats, etc)  to add depth or tell your story. Included in the PSDs are notes from Director Mike Owens to help keep everyone on the same page. In addition there are lower thirds and action safe guides – Please do not render your animations with these guides turned on.  
    Download backgrounds and color palette.
  • All submissions are due by Friday April 3rd 11:59pm. There will be no grace period or exceptions.
  • DO include sound.
  • DO feel free to show your works-in-progress online often.
  • DO NOT use copyrighted music/imagery.
  • DO NOT include credits in the animation.
  • DO NOT make racially offensive jokes.
  • Nice Moves will assemble the submissions and will be submitting to Hellavision Television’s Cursed/Blessed. You can find more about Hellavision Television here.


How do I participate?
You just make something. Imagine a day in quarantine. Or a day not in quarantine. Just make something animated, and then use our handy Submission Form to send us your animation by  Friday April 3rd at 11:59 PM

How do we know what day we’re making?
You don’t. That’s what makes it fun.

How many people can work on one animation?
Between 1-400  people per animation

Is there a limit on how many animations we can submit?
Look, if you want to make more than one animation – more power to ya!
You’re crazy, but we love it.

When is the animation due?
Friday April 3rd at 11:59 PM

Where do I upload the animation to?
You will need to provide a link where we can download your mp4. Use this form to submit.

Do I have to include sound?
Yes. Please include some sound. It will be better that way. Promise.

I have other questions, what do I do?
You should be able to post your questions in the Nice Moves Discord channel #AniJam. We’re all pretty nice, so someone at some point will find you an answer.

Special thanks to our wonderful AniJam Spring 2020 Committee:
Mike Owens, Ching Thao, Alicia Allen, Anna Faught, Shelby Pearson, Danny Hegel, and Julia Iverson!

And to Peter Steineck & Michael Van Swearingen, for giving us spirit, inspiration and a project to piggyback on ♥ 

And most of all, YOU. Wash your hands. Stop touching your face. We love you all.