Nice Moves AniJam Spring 2020

One of the great joys of Nice Moves is being able to connect with all of the amazing people in our community at our monthly meetups. Rather than get bummed out during the COVID-19 quarantine (OK we are a little bummed), we used the opportunity to connect with our community in a new way. Presenting the Nice Moves AniJam Quarantine Edition!


Day 1
Michael Hilliger & Charlie Peavey

Day 2
Joel Erkkinen
Portfolio, Instagram, Twitter

Day 3
Tony Mills, Music by Sounddogs
Flying T Editing Company

Day 4
Kimaco Stroub-Krahn

Day 5
Taylor Guntharp
Portfolio, Instagram, Twitter

Day 6
Julia Iverson
Jive Creative, Instagram, Twitter

Day 7
Shelby Pearson
Portfolio, Instagram, Twitter

Day 8
Aaron Kotlan
Portfolio, Instagram

Day 9
Womo Studio
Womo Studio Website

Day 10
Natalia Poteryakhin
Portfolio, Instagram, Twitter

Day 11
Emory Allen
Foreign Fauna, Instagram, Twitter

Day 12
Anna Faught
Portfolio, Instagram, Twitter

Day 13
Tara Reynolds
Portfolio, Instagram, Twitter

Day 14
Danny Hengel, Jesse Peterson, & Kimaco Stroub-Krahn
Danny Hengel’s Instagram, Jesse Peterson’s Instagram

Special thanks to our wonderful AniJam Spring 2020 Committee: Mike Owens, Ching Thao, Alicia Allen, Anna Faught, Shelby Pearson, Danny Hengel, and Julia Iverson! And to Peter Steineck & Michael Van Swearingen, for giving us spirit, inspiration and a project to piggyback on ♥ And most of all, YOU. Wash your hands. Stop touching your face. We love you all.