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Swarm Opening Reception


October 27, 2017
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Hosted By:
Light Grey Art Lab


Light Grey Art Lab
118 E 26th St
Minneapolis, MN 55404 United States

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This October, Light Grey Art Lab will be showcasing three new exhibitions in a celebration of nature’s mysteries with the launch of Swarm, Calamity: Hexes, Plagues & Prophecies, and New Works by Zoe Keller, all of which open Friday, October 27th, from 7-10 PM.

As Halloween approaches the days get colder, the night gets longer, and the trees transition from lush green to a fiery combination of yellow, orange and red, before shedding their leaves to reveal the barren skeleton underneath. These fallen leaves provide cover and nourishment to all sorts of crawling creatures, who skitter and writhe underneath the surface. Light Grey Art Lab’s newest exhibition, Swarm, aims a spotlight into the shadows, hoping to uncover the beautiful side of the creeping crawlies that lurk underfoot and in the shadows.

Swarm features over seventy artists from around the world, each of whom who have been tasked with portraying all manner of vermin in a new light. Every creature on earth serves a purpose and is incredible in its own unique way, and Swarm brings a sense of wonder, mystery, and beauty to a subject that normally sends shivers down the spine.

Each artist approached their specimen of choice with a curious sense of wonder. Several chose to explore the scientific marvel of their chosen subject, while others celebrated the beauty of the color, patterns, and form. Some used the symbolism inherent to the creature itself to explore the topic from a more spiritual perspective.

“As a soul chooses a vessel to experience life in the physical world, it acknowledges the Sisters of Fate tailoring the thread of life.” says participating artist Alex Dos Dios of his piece featuring the iconic death’s-head hawkmoth. “Though time is what limits the physical existence, it does not hold true for the soul. As the physical lives and dies, the soul expands infinitely. It is able to move freely without fear of an end.”

While normally avoided at all costs, Swarm gives a fresh and unexpected look at the unusual creatures that can be found crawling in our attics, lurking in our sewers, or scouring the woods in the dead of the night.

CALAMITY: Hexes, Plagues, and Prophecies
Curated by Minneapolis illustrator Teagan White, CALAMITY: Hexes, Plagues, and Prophecies is a show about what happens when nature and misfortune collide. From environmental catastrophe, invasive species, and natural disasters to poison concoctions, cautionary folklore, and prophecies of the apocalypse, participating artists confront the ways that discord occurs in ecosystems great and small, whether inflicted upon them by a malevolent entity, or as an inextricable part of the natural cycles of life

CALAMITY is a group exhibition featuring the work of thirteen artists from around the world, all drawn to the topic of misfortune and the natural world.

New Work by Zoe Keller
Zoe Keller is a Portland, Oregon based illustrator who uses graphite and ink to create meticulously detailed odes to the natural world. An even mix of landscapes, field guides, and her own memories, Keller incorporates hints of narrative into her natural explorations.

New Works by Zoe Keller is a collection of drawings delving further into Keller’s obsessive exploration of the natural world.

Opening Reception
The opening reception for Swarm, Calamity: Hexes, Plagues & Prophecies, and new work by Zoe Keller is Friday, October 27th from 7-10 PM and will remain on display through November 24th. The opening reception is free and open to the public, and features artwork, music, and refreshments.

Swarm Artists Include: Adam Pritchett, Adam S. Doyle, Al Polston, Alex Dos Diaz, Amanda Master, Andrew Kolb, Angela An, Angela Taguiang, Asya Mitskevich, Caitlin Ono, Charlotte Gomez, Chelsea Harper, Christina Rycz, Christine Griffin, Christopher Hegland, Claire Hummel, Claire Mojher DeLucca, Cleonique Hilsaca, Crystal Floyd, Douglas Holgate, Eduardo Vieira, Eva Vilhelmiina Eskelinen, Gica Tam, Grace Kim, Holly Avery, Jana Heidersdorf, Jasmin Dreyer, Jess Schnabel, Jeszika Le Vye, Jo Yeh, Jordan Constance Witt, Joseph Magaña, Karina Posborg, Karina Rehrbehn, Kate O’Hara, Katherine Walsh, Kelly Wagner, Kendall Quack, Kora C., Kring Demetrio, Kristin Siegel, Lara Paulussen, Liam Andrew Cura, Lillian Duermeier, Lindsay Nohl, Lynn Scurfield, Maddelyn, Maggie Ivy, Marie Toh, Marion Bordeyne, Matt Hayton, Monica Amneus, Angela Rizza, Olga Chicherova, Paige Carpenter, Peggy Shi, Renée Park, Sam Schechter, Sarah Morris, Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn, Sheena Klimoski, Shelby Hersleff, Syd Weiler, Tim Furey, Tom Weiner, Trisha Previte, Vanessa Port, Wenjia Tang, Wenz Hu, Xib Vaine

Calamity: Hexes, Plagues & Prophecies Artists Include: Katrin Berge, Jay Crosby, Matthew Glover, Nicole Gustafsson, Lily Seika Jones, Ashley Mackenzie, Miranda Meeks, Niky Motekallem, Fumi Mini Nakamura, Jessica Roux, Tyler Thrasher, Teagan White, Erica Williams