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About Allison

Allison has worked in medical and advertising as a creative director, 3D animation generalist, storyboard artist, motion graphics artist and commercial illustrator both in-house and remotely. Since becoming a freelance artist, she’s gained a deep understanding of social media marketing, streaming on Twitch, fostering a community and selling at conventions.

Minimum requirement for tools

Basic knowledge of the Adobe Suite (Primarily Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere and InDesign) Basic knowledge of Autodesk Maya and Zbrush (or comparable 3D program,) if interested in 3D specialization.

Experience requirements

Portfolio and/or demo reel. Mentee can be self-taught, pursuing a degree, have a degree, or be a junior level artist. Have (or create) a dedicated social media account, and have (or create) a Discord account.

Mentorship “time limits”

3 months with milestones.

Type of mentorship

Bi-weekly voice/video check-ins over Discord with frequent critique offered. Once-to-twice a month meetups in person, as needed by the mentee, to discuss progress, concerns, questions, etc.

Additional Notes

This mentorship experience will have scheduled milestones, requirements and deadlines that the mentee will be expected to meet.

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