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About Blain

Blain is a freelance video editor who has worked as a Post Production Supervisor for an animation studio that focused on short form comedic animation for children. He has also worked on music videos, Internal corporate videos, and short films. I love giving feedback and feeding off of others’ creativity to create the coolest thing possible.

Minimum requirement for tools

Basic knowledge of an Editing software (Adobe Premiere preferred). Or a current body of work that we can make a reel out of or another editing project to pitch (narrative or otherwise)

Experience requirement

Portfolio and/or demo reel (can be in-progress) and have (or create) a Discord account.

Mentorship “time limits”

3-12 months with milestones. Can vary depending on what the overall goal is, but it must be a solid one.

Type of Mentorship

At least once monthly check-ins through voice or text over discord. Meetups as necessary if local.

Additional Notes

I’m looking to help make your awesome art better by offering a highly critical differing perspective. I’m also looking to help animators or any other creative who want to better their editing and timing abilities. I also love discussing theories of design and how art affects different people and using this as a way to improve.

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