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About Emma

Emma Ozark is a stop motion animator, comics artist and 2D generalist specializing in character design. Open to critiquing already existing Stop Motion and 2D animated work, comics, character designs, educating people interested in learning stop motion, and working with animators/artists potentially interested in incorporating it into a fine art practice.

Minimum requirement for tools

Stop Motion Requirements: familiar with an animation program that can import and edit images, like Clip Studio Paint EXP, Adobe Photoshop, Dragonframe. Some kind of camera that can interact with computer and supplies for what objects/characters you want to animate.

Experience requirements

Portfolio/website/demo reel. Must use Discord or Telegram. Must either: want to learn stop motion from the ground up, OR have an ongoing project that’s already been started that they would like feedback. If a mentee is interested in learning stop motion for the first time, they should not plan on centering our mentorship around a project and rather just learning skills. Mentees looking to learn stop motion should expect some kind of financial commitment depending on the complexity of the project.

Mentorship “time limits”

2-3 months with milestones

Type of mentorship

Advisor for ongoing projects. Mentee must be self-motivated and willing to do work outside of our meeting times. Plan on meeting once every two weeks with the option for mentees to message me for small amounts of feedback when needed. Mentorship will be virtual unless in-person guidance is absolutely needed.

Additional Notes

Can help with projects you’re working on and give feedback, meet once every two weeks on either Discord or Telegram.

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