Jayson Slinger

Jayson Slinger

October 18, 2022 1:23 pm Published by
About Jayson

Jayson’s an old caveman animator that’s been trundling around 3D for decades. He enjoys character modeling and animating, but has dabbled in nearly everything. He has experience from games and entertainment, to a very voluminous amount of bio-med projects. Jayson’s job is to help staff where he can. Whether that’s manipulating schedules to get more bodies on a project, or jumping into the file himself.

Minimum requirements for tools

A basic working knowledge of a 3D package (preferably Maya). Basic knowledge of Adobe Suite (Photoshop, AfterFX). Zbrush is a plus.

Experience requirements

Portfolio to help assess capabilities and set goals. Prefer junior level or strong student, but willing to help whomever I can.

Mentorship “time limits”

Initial face to face meeting, with an open, flexible end-dates.

Type of Mentorship

Weekly Zoom/Skype meetings with email correspondence as much as life/work allows.

Additional Notes

I wish for a serious, yet light-hearted interaction with those that I can help. My goals for a mentee would be to help make a better reel and artist, and to ingrain some of the best practices I’ve discovered along the way.

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