Madeline Haynes

Madeline Haynes

October 18, 2022 1:26 pm Published by
About Madeline

Madeline is an Illustrator and Motion Designer from the Twin Cities, and has been illustrating in a professional setting all her life. She believes there is always more to learn, and the puzzle and adventure that comes with every new art venture is a reward in itself. Color obsessed.

Minimum requirements for tools

Basic knowledge of the Adobe Suite, primarily After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop, but I can answer questions about most of the other programs if you’re interested in those as well. If interested in illustration, a drawing tablet or an iPad with Procreate or Sketch.

Experience requirements

Portfolio or gallery of work so I can get a feel for your work, and a webcam or microphone (can be headphones). Discord account.

Mentorship “time limits”

3 months

Type of mentorship

Bi-weekly check-ins, Discord to ask questions, possible in-person meetups depending on vaccination status.

Additional notes

I hope that the person I mentor is excited about learning and open to the future. I hope to help them build their confidence in their preferred areas and help them get better at a program or technique.

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