Matt Burniston

Matt Burniston

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About Matt

Matt Burniston is a 3D & Motion artist with almost 20 years of experience in the creative industry. Starting out in web design, using photoshop, illustrator & flash to create interactive websites. Meanwhile teaching himself motion and 3D. It soon became clear that that was his passion, and moved to New York to pursue that industry, working full time for around 3 years, and the following 7 years as a freelance working on 3D product visualization, motion graphics videos, graphic design and video production. He now lives and works in LA working in the entertainment industry, at Buddha Jones, creating social content for clients like Paul McCartney and DC movies. In down time and after hours he has also produced 3 short 3D animated film which have over 10 million views online.

Minimum Requirement for Tools

Portfolio and Demo Reel required. Mentee can be self taught or more traditional training. It would be great if the mentee had a project they were currently working on, or a project they wanted to get started on, which I could help guide them through, provide feed back, and give advice.

Mentorship “Time Limits”

I’m open to discussing a time limit based on what he mentee needs to get tot he finish line.

Type of mentorship

Online video calls, to talk through milestones at regular intervals, and help with sticking points if/when needed.

Additional notes

I know how hard it can be to work through a project alone, lean new techniques and software and create something that you are proud of. I want to create a safe space to bounce around ideas, talk through concepts, learn tips and tricks, and get the mentee from idea to finished product, whether that be a simple motion graphics piece or 3d animation.

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