Mike Zugschwert

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About Mike

Mike has 13 years of experience working in 3D with 8 years specializing in dyamic effects and simulations. He also has experience working with all aspects of visual effects including camera operation, matchmoving, compositing, tool development, and project management.

Minimum Requirements for tools

Must be very comfortable with most aspects of at least one 3d Software (Maya, 3dsMax, Houdini), and at least entry level knowledge of compositing.

Experience Requirement

Prefer junior level professional, or very strong student.

Mentorship “time limits”

Lasts forever, or until you stop making an effort to contact me.

Type of Mentorship

I prefer meeting in person. Open to all levels of involvement from “once a month” to “working next to each other 40 hours a week.”

Additional Notes

If you want to get into dynamic simulations, realize that it is a very time consuming exercise and if you want to do things outside of presets it involves a lot of math. Brush up on linear algebra. I am currently learning Houdini and not yet proficient, so we could learn together!

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