Nate Dorn

June 5, 2017 2:13 pm Published by
  • About Nate: Nate has 10+ years experience working as a Maya animator in advertising, game development and medical. His strengths are in 3D modeling, keyframe animation and rigging.
  • Minimum Requirements for tools: Maya, Photoshop, After Effects
  • Experience Requirement: N/A.
  • Mentorship “time limits”: Mentorship is subject to pause or end depending on how much free time Nate gets.  Otherwise the mentorship has no time limit.
  • Type of Mentorship: Nate generally does weekly Skype meetings where he oversees personal projects providing feedback, animation insight and sometimes technical tips.
  • Additional Notes: Mentees should be willing and ready to be recorded and posted online to track their progress. Also, Nate might be willing to take a few “email-only” mentees.

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