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Advice for Students with Natalia Poteryakhin

September 25, 2019

Natalia Poteryakhin is still a student, and yet she plans to advise other students??? Well, to be fair, Emory and Alicia asked her to do it – but she also thinks animation is developing at such a rapid pace that few veterans are equipped to advise young animators on how to get into the industry. This presentation talks about her experience with mentorships in the Twin Cities, interning at Warner Bros for the last two years in LA, getting into film festivals, and most importantly, developing one’s skillset in a time when no single classroom can give you the education necessary to be a strong artist. It’s scary to have to structure your own education and reach out to professional artists in search of guidance – hopefully this talk will help you do so, or at the very least, Natalia can totally commiserate with you afterwards.

Natalia Poteryakhin