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Arteater GIF-Making with Trygve Nordberg

August 26, 2021

Put down your cintiq pens or shut down your 3, nay, 4 monitors and have fun animating on paper like the cavemen once did.

Come draw gifs with us at this monthly meetup (or just hang out with fellow VFX artists, motion designers, and animators!) Our presenter is Trygve Nordberg, a software developer at the Science Museum of Minnesota who will demo his project called Arteater that makes animation and gif-making accessible to everyone. Nice Moves will be providing art supplies and blank grid templates designed by Trygve to be easily photographed and uploaded to his site,, where your drawings get turned into gifs automatically! 

We’re excited to connect with old friends and new folks alike as we make a bunch of silly moving drawings (and probably some masterpieces, you crazy talented nerds.) Free pizza, drinks, and snacks as always!

(PS: For those with families, this event is kid-friendly.)

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