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Failure & Persistence Developing and Pitching a Story

May 14, 2019

Emmy Award winning Animation Director Mike Owens has gathered a panel of local media creators with a wide range of experiences, failures and successes to discuss and share their stories of developing and pitching series, shorts and features. The presentation includes a pitch template to get you started organizing and developing your own ideas and provide a practical document to start you on the path to pitch and hopefully/eventually fund your project. There is no magic trick to a successful pitch but their are expectations and protocol. The goal of this event is to prepare and encourage creators to make an informed next step in the realm of development and pitching.

Download Womo Studio’s Pitch Template


Mike Owens
Animation Producer/Director (Danger & Eggs, WOMO Studio)
Wendie Owens
Animation Producer/Director (WOMO Studio)
Sarah Seember Huisken
Director/Story Artist/Designer (Danger & Eggs, Tacklebox Toons)
John Wilinski
Story Artist/Animator/Designer (Danger & Eggs, 12 Forever)
Andrew George
Story Artists/Animato/Designer (Danger & Eggs, 12 Forever)
Michael Heagle
Indie Filmmaker/Teacher(Transylvania Television, Danger & Eggs)
Wayne Johnson
Indie Filmmaker/Director/Producer (Black Space FX, Danger & Eggs, 12 Forever)
Josh Stifter
Indie Filmmaker/Animator (Flush Studios, Rebel Without a Crew)