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Small Team, Big Stuff: Glow with ABT Studio

October 28, 2021

Wisconsin’s Aurora Bell Tower Studios give us a peek into their process for creating quality animation with a small team.

Nice Moves is excited to present our October speakers, the animation team at Aurora Bell Tower Studios! Jesse and his team have agreed to give us a peek into their process behind creating quality 3D animation with a small team and limited resources. We’ll get to see all the love being poured into their short ‘Glow’, and ask questions at the end! Join us for a thrilling livestream of juicy behind-the-scenes, followed by a virtual meetup on

About Aurora Bell Tower Studios:

ABT Studios is an online studio which aims to produce compelling stories using new and unique animation methods and techniques. The team is enthusiastic and eager to learn more about the animation process and use their new knowledge and experiences in upcoming projects. As the studio continues to thrive and grow, they hope to produce award-winning animations, and help inspire their viewers.

‘Glow’ Synopsis:

A young girl, Nova, trying to deal with her missing mother. Bright and hopeful, she begins to find mysterious clues, which leads Nova and her father through a journey of science and magic.

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