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A2F Pictures is an Emmy® award-winning production company founded in 2010 by Trent Hilborn and Mark Mazur. No matter the size, scope, or limitations, our focus is finding the greatest realization of the story behind every project.

Afterglow Studios

We are a multi-media content provider comprised of highly talented Artists, Designers, Animators and Programmers working in tandem to create images that inspire.

Alpha Video Creative

For AVC, motion media design is about the craft of inviting viewers to explore a visual narrative. Our digital storytellers share our clients’ stories using a mix of text and graphics, then punctuate them with stunning 3D animations and interactive content. Our media can take many forms including digital signage, video walls, interactive touchscreens, and mobile devices.

Alpha Video Creative

For AVC, motion media design is about the craft of inviting viewers to explore a visual narrative. Our digital storytellers share our clients’ stories using a mix of text and graphics, then punctuate them with stunning 3D animations and interactive content. Our media can take many forms including digital signage, video walls, interactive touchscreens, and mobile devices. AVC’s content can be seen on thousands of screens around the world.

Anderson Images

We create award winning animation. We use our experience, creativity  and the latest software to add to your production capabilities.

We encourage direct contact between you and your artist. Helping you perceive how your ideas are being interpreted and giving us a closer connection to the emotion and thought behind them.
Maple Grove

Black Feather Creative

We are two friends who are dedicated to finding beauty in everyday life and love to share it with others.  We specialize in creative video productions. Our goal is to bring large production quality in a small production package. We look forward to working with you to infuse our gritty, organic aesthetic with the unique stories that you want to tell. Currently we reside in Minnesota but do projects anywhere we are needed.

Committee Films

Everything you wanted to know about committee films… and two things you wish you didn’t. We can do it all. Okay, that sounds like we’re bragging. Let’s just say we really like to do it all. We specialize in production as well as post production. And we’ll work on one piece of a project or the whole kit and caboodle (whatever a caboodle is), from conception to completion. We’re a boutique, a.k.a., small. And we love it. Because that means we can work with virtually any size budget and deliver amazing results. We know every project is different. So we assemble a custom team to meet your project’s needs. We bring in the right people for the job.

Crash + Sues

CRASH+SUES is a creative engine, helping ad agencies and businesses create and deliver compelling content to their customers and employees. We combine storytelling and technology to supercharge the success of our clients’ campaigns. With strategy, design and video marketing all under one roof, we’ll help you make the most out of your video investment.

Don’t Blink

Don’t Blink believes in bridging the gap between screen and emotion to create memorable experiences. Offering all aspects of content creation from creative concept, production and post-production, we pride ourselves on approach, collaboration and taking on challenges. Passionate about visual experiences, our team specializes in social, adventure, story and experiential content.

Drive Thru

Drive Thru, Inc. is a full-service production and digital post-production house specializing in motion-picture production, creative editorial, and visual effects for advertising and entertainment content. We offer solutions to every step of the motion picture process, including (but not limited to) broadcast and web content. For 30 years, our state-of-the-art tools allow our finest artists to create high-quality work for advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

eg design

We are a Minneapolis-based creative studio specializing in graphic design, motion design, illustration, and animation.

Elite Edge Productions

Winner of 19 Emmy’s and 9 Telly Awards, Elite Edge Productions, is a Minneapolis, Minnesota based, video production company with vast experience producing videos for professional and college teams, sports leagues, and Television Networks.

Flight Creative Media

At Flight Creative Media, we’ve made it our mission to tell visually compelling stories that inform, engage, and inspire to communicate ideas that advance the common good.

Engage your audience, build your brand, and convey your message through the art of visual storytelling. We offer digital video solutions for a modern audience that values content.

Flush Studios

At the age of 11, Josh Stifter knew he wanted to do one thing with his life: make cartoons bleed all over the internet. So with the help of a few friends, Flush Studios began. In 2010, the fellas decided to go legit and have since been creating animations, short films, comics and podcasts on a regular basis.


FUSE Animation is an award-winning 3D design studio located in NE Minneapolis. We create precise, photorealistic images and animations that tell stories and elevate brands. Our artists blend creativity with technical expertise to deliver powerful images that inspire, captivate, and leave a lasting impression. The stunning work we produce is used around the world for websites, broadcast spots, print, trade shows, and social media. We have the talent, experience, and expertise to push the industry standard forward.

Fusion North

We produce video and motion design content for broadcast, web, and digital signage. Designing and animation is a passion and an intricate part of what we do. Let us design your next dream or take what you and your artist have done and animate it. Music is the heartbeat of any great video or animation. At Fusion North we take that to a whole new level. Our custom composing and scoring will bring any production to full throttle as well as trimming on the copyright expenses.


Gaardhouse is a creative production company. Our passion is Motion Design for Advertising, Film and Television. We’re a driven group of creatives who focus on: Filming, Animation, Motion graphics and Editing.


We are designers, animators and adventurers. We are visually-literate, coffee-drinking, video-game-playing storytellers who can make anything you can think up. (We can also think up stuff for you; we’re good at that.) We are Gasket. Our philosophy is simple: Think Create Propel

Ghost Productions

Ghost Productions can produce 3D medical animations that illuminate your devices, procedures, techniques and more, to better achieve your marketing and/or training goals. As videos and other scientific animations increasingly populate social media feeds, it’s becoming more important than ever to remain relevant by investing in quality medical/science visualizations.
St. Paul

Hybrid Medical Animation

Hybrid is the nation’s top medical and scientific 3D animation studio. For more than 18 years, we have created award-winning work for pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and medical marketing companies of all sizes. Hybrid believes passionately that the beauty of science is best revealed by telling clear and concise stories with breathtaking 3D images. We do this by transforming your science into a technically-accurate, visually-dramatic experience. For your next project, let Hybrid reveal the beauty in your product’s science.

Infinite Motion

We excite your audience with Award Winning Animation, Motion Graphics,
Graphic Design, User Interface Design, and Web Development.


MAKE is a design studio that specializes in the art of storytelling through motion graphics, visual effects, and animation. We believe the most rewarding work stems from a strong sense of teamwork, collaboration with our clients, and a desire to make something fresh and compelling.

Media Loft

Media Loft is a 100% employee-owned company that produces corporate events across the globe, with account, technical, creative, design, video production and interactive technology services all under one roof. From top to bottom, our in-house staff is the best in the business at what we do. We round out our internal resources with cultivated partnerships and contract relationships including industry-leading independent show producers, video directors, custom scenic shops, high-end post-production houses for an exceptionally talented, custom-built team.


Meditech is committed to focusing on anatomical expertise, imagination and technical ability. We’ve developed hundreds of animations for the world’s leading companies. Specialties include: devices, mechanisms-of-action (MoA), detailed surgical procedures, and chemical and biological processes.
St. Paul


We have helped big brands, growing businesses and brilliant non-profits rack up more than 18 million views and earn international internet attention.
Minneapolis / Denver

Mike Owens Productions

As a show creator, Director, Character Designer, Storyboard Artist, Teacher and Animator Mike has created character driven entertainment for screens of all sizes and for audiences of all ages for more than 20 years.


motion504 is a broadcast design, effects and animation studio specializing in the art of motion. Featuring the talent of senior-level creative directors, designers and animators, the company works for TV, film, music and advertising clients.

With its open studio space, motion504 is built upon the idea of collaboration through communication, critique and contribution amongst its artists and clients.


NEIGHBOR is a collective of design-focused problem solvers, storytellers, and animators using motion design & animation to bring a brand’s story to life.


Omni-Fusion was founded in 2002 so we could hang out with our friends making lots of cool visuals for lots of cool companies. We have collaborated with over 200 artists, designers & filmmakers on over 120 projects. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies & ad agencies to non-profits & start-ups. One time we even got a check from comedic genius Jim Carrey.

Pixel Farm

Pixel Farm is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Minneapolis. We create meaningful and compelling content using a blend of strategy, big ideas, and hard work. Our capabilities offer the full spectrum of creative expertise, fostering endless possibilities, logistical efficiency, and cost-savings. With these resources all under one roof, our clients, agency partners and collaborators have the ability to combine creative disciplines to meet any creative challenge.

ProMedia Productions

We’ve been producing video for over 33 years and proudly offer full-service video production services in the Twin Cities. We shoot and produce video everywhere from St. Paul, Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Midwest, The United States, and internationally.

Rowboat Animation

Rowboat Animation is a collective of skilled animators and fine artists specializing in productions for commercial broadcast, web, trade shows, and theatrical release that are eye-catching and truly memorable. Often described as textural and organic, Rowboat’s collection of work is stylistically diverse – ranging from elegant, to graphic and bold, to 1930s – 40s retro. They approach each project with an equal emphasis on design and movement. With works created for Coca-Cola, Time Magazine, BristolMyers Squibb and Hershey’s to name a few, Rowboat’s talent has garnered some of the industry’s top honors, including One Show, Clio, Effie, Telly and Mobius awards.


SPLICE® is post-production. Our eclectic mix of artists includes creative direction, motion design, edit, visual effects, color, and sound supported by a powerful team of technologists. We partner with brands, agencies, networks, production companies, and filmmakers to tell visually compelling stories in unique ways across all platforms. We provide experience and exceptional client care with tech-enabled creative. Collaborations include feature, broadcast, commercial and experiential design. Founded by Barb & Clayton Condit in 1999, Splice embodies their collective creativity and business sense. Paired with an innovative entrepreneurial energy, they take exceptional care and understanding of our clients and their stories. Clayton’s passion for storytelling and love of the toys has been powered by Barb’s years of business experience, common sense, and extreme care for people.

Suspect 7

Suspect 7 is a game development, VR & animation boutique. We work tirelessly to create bold new worlds for our clients, forging their ideas into one-of-a-kind, unforgettable experiences. From commercials to web videos, virtual reality to game design, we practice a philosophy of structured mischief.
Minneapolis | Chicago

Tilt Motion

Facts inform. Emotions move hearts and minds. Tilt Motion knows how to use video to do all of this and more. From effective storytelling to managing the smallest production detail, we tilt audiences in your favor with memorable and engaging video productions that educate and encourage action. Oh, and we do it on time and within budget. We’re Tilt Motion. Let us get things moving for your organization.

Triglass Productions

Our storytellers here at Triglass Productions grew up making short films, and continued their passion for high quality, engaging video production. Combining passions of film, music, professional sports, and advertising, Triglass Productions tells stories that stick.


We plan, shoot, and edit videos for clients here, and wherever airplanes can fly. Our work ranges from broadcast to web and social media. Testimonials, customer success stories, how-to, narrative and more.
Eden Prairie

Uptop Films

Uptop. It’s a concept that expresses our joyful approach to filmmaking. It’s our creative force. It’s
a collaborative philosophy that creates a fun environment in which everyone is free to be their best— client, crew and talent alike. It’s the level of quality every audience deserves.

Volt Studios

Minneapolis’ one-stop production shop for high-end creative content.

White & Rice

Let’s be real. Running a business or a division is hard work. Tackling business problems and matching them with creative solutions can be overwhelming, anxiety inducing, and complicated. White & Rice is a creative studio made of seasoned producers, directors, and designers who share the storytelling gene. Inspiring, powerful, and insightful ideas are grown quickly here without breaking the bank. Let’s talk problems, wishes, and everything in between.

WOMO Studio

Storytelling by any media necessary.
St. Paul

Woodbridge Productions

Woodbridge Productions is a team of passionate cinematic professionals, who pride themselves on bringing your ideas to life. For us, failure is not an option. That’s why we push ourselves to always discover and capture the most propelling narrative while also keeping your budget and vision in mind.
St. Paul

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